A marriage of form and function sees earthy materials take on a new life in our modern bath house.

Amidst the stress of a busy life, we invite you to summon stillness. Just like in life, you choose your journey.


Bath house Byron Bay

Our Sauna at it's Best

The natural power of cedarwood comes together in this wrapped epiphany, serving yesteryear remedies to a range of modern ailments. There is no order in the Bath House, except maintaining order. We ask that you please sit on a towel in the sauna.

Comma Bath house is a phone-free zone

While mobile devices serve their purpose outside our walls, they serve as merely a distraction here, and one that we hope to free you from. We invite you to embrace the technology detox and the peace that ensues.

Our space is created for mindful sharing

As we welcome you to connect with yourself and others, we’ve considered our environment for privacy and comfort. With this in mind, only eight guests will enter the Comma Bath house facilities at any given time. And while towels will be dropped, and all bodies will be lauded, bathing suits remain obligatory.

Go hot, and go cold

To get the most of the experience, we suggest you oscillate between hot and cold treatments. Ease those weary limbs in the Mineral Hot Tub, sweat those toxins in The Sauna, and awaken the cells in the Pail Shower—a boundary-pushing, totally awakening rush of blood to the head.


Hot Rock Sauna
Magnesium Hot Tub


Pail Showers (10˚C and tepid)
Cold Plunge


Drinks Station