Frequently Asked Questions

Indeed we do! When booking online, scroll to the bottom of our menu and select ‘Couples Massage.’ It will default to The Vessel treatments. You do not have to have these treatments, you’re more than welcome to choose your own treatments on the day. This selection means you’re booked in together at the same time.

If booking in Melbourne, please note that we only have one couples room so it is subject to availability (first in, best dressed scenario). Please let us know in the booking notes if you’re okay in separate rooms or would really like to be together. If you’d like the couples room we may need to change the time of your booking to accommodate.

The only set package we do is in Melbourne, which is our bath house + a 60 or 90 minute treatment.

If you’re not sure what treatment to book, we suggest booking for a length of time and we can talk you through the different options and you’re welcome to select your treatments on the day.

For example, you may want a 90 minute treatment. This could be a 60 minute Equilibrium treatment paired with The New Face (15 mins) and Can I Have a Foot Massage (15 mins). You can slice and dice your booking time with whatever treatments you’d like.

The maximum body treatment we provide is two hours.

That’s okay! Similar to the above, select any treatment for the length of time you’d like to book in for - 60, 75 or 90 minutes - we can talk you through all the different options when you arrive and you’re welcome to decide on the day. We just need to know if you’re pregnant or would like The Calm Visage Facial so we can pair you with a therapist who is trained in these treatments.

When booking online, scroll to the bottom of our menu and you’ll find the Couples section.

Bath house booking for two (Melbourne only):

Select, ‘Like the Finns Do (couples, or two friends)’ or ‘The Way of Light (couples, or two friends)’.

Massage booking for two (Byron Bay and Melbourne):

Select either the 60 or 90 minute ‘Couples Massage’. Leave us a note in the booking system letting us know you’re just friends. You can select your specific treatment on the day.

Bath house + couples massage for two (Melbourne only):

If you’d like to make a booking for two people to use the bath house followed by a massage for two people select ‘Like the Finns Do (couples, or two friends)’ or ‘The Way of Light (couples, or two friends)’ plus either the Couples 60 or 90 minute massage depending on what treatment length you’re after.

Let us know if you’re friends in the booking note and you can be in your own treatment rooms. As mentioned above, you’re more than welcome to let us know what treatment you’d like on the day.

You can still book online, however, our booking system will ask for credit card details to secure your booking, this is in case of 24-hour cancellation or no-show. There’s no charge to the card when booking online. You’re welcome to pay by redeeming your voucher at the time of your booking.

Please head to our website and select ‘VOUCHERS’ on the homepage to give you a selection of vouchers to choose from and follow the prompts to complete your purchase online. 

If you’d like a voucher to be posted, please buy a voucher here and select ‘Via Post’ at the time of checkout.

Byron: We have four treatment rooms so four people can be booked in at the same time depending on our availability.

Melbourne: We have five treatment rooms so five people can be booked in at the same time depending on our availability.

To make a booking for three people or more please call us directly on;

Melbourne: 03 9428 1097

Byron Bay: 02 6685 8878

Byron: Just treatment rooms.

Melbourne: Yes, we have female, male and accessible shower facilities. Along with a bath house that has two showers.

Byron: We kindly ask you to park on the street (not in tenant parking).

Melbourne: There is 2 hour paid parking on Church St. Two and four hour parking Mon-Sat (& public hols) in the surrounding streets and free parking all day on a Sunday. ACE car park is all day paid parking located at 163 Cremorne Street, Cremorne.

Our bath house is communal and unisex.

We welcome four people into the bath house per session. If you’re lucky enough to book when nobody else has made a booking you’ll have private use of the bath house, otherwise you may be sharing with other guests. It’s a big space and we encourage you to share the facilities between yourselves so you’re rotating between our Saunas, Magnesium Hot Tub and Pail Shower.

If you’d like to book out the bath house exclusively, feel free to get in touch.

When booking online, select our Melbourne location and choose either ‘Like the Finns Do + 60 minute treatment’ or ‘Like the Finns Do + 90 minute treatment’.  You can book Like the Finns Do or The Way of Light (this is all of our facilities + exclusive use of the Infrared Sauna) + a treatment. It will default to The Vessel treatment but you’re welcome to change your treatment once you’re here. 

If you’re wanting to book this for two people, please see ‘how do I book for two people at the same time?’

We’ve definitely been inspired by our Japanese friends, but we keep swimwear on in our bath house, so please don’t forget to pack your swimmers!

We’ll supply a robe, slides and towel at no extra cost.

You can book via our website Simply select your location, treatment and preferred therapist. Our system will ask for credit card details to secure the booking however your card won’t be charged. You can choose to use the card on file or a different payment method when you check out.

Like The Finns Do includes our;

Magnesium hot tub

Traditional Finnish sauna

Cold pail shower

The Way of Light includes our;

Magnesium hot tub

Traditional Finnish sauna

Cold pail shower

exclusive use of our infrared sauna.

If you still need help then please contact us at either space. Byron Bay Or Melbourne